The New York Head and Neck Society


Dear Colleagues,

The New York Head and Neck Society (NYHNS) is pleased to announce a request for proposals for its first Research Award. This project will be sponsored by the NYHNS and will be recognized at our Annual Proffered Paper Session.

The proposal is open to all PGY 1-5 trainees involved in head and neck cancer research (Otolaryngology, Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Pathology, Radiology etc). The proposal includes but is not limited to basic science, clinical research, outcomes based studies and consensus statements. The trainee submitting the proposal must be sponsored by an active member of the NYHNS who is directly involved with the research project. The selected winner of the award will receive $5000. Review criteria will include scientific merit, innovation, likelihood of success, impact to head and neck cancer patients, multi-institutional or multi-disciplinary collaborative studies and investigators with no other competing funding / awards. Preference will be given to projects likely to lead to publications and to future grant submissions, as well as to projects that promote collaborative efforts between two or more New York metropolitan institutions.

Award funds must be applied to research materials or personnel for the project described in the application. Funds
cannot be used toward salary support for the study investigators, travel expenses for presentations or research meetings, or publications fees. Additionally, these funds cannot be applied toward indirect costs of the trainee’s institution.

Application Process
Application should include a short proposal (6 page maximum) and include the follow sections:

1) Cover page including title of the project, applicant name, applicant’s institution, brief abstract (250 words) and NYHNS mentor/sponsor
2) Specific Aims (0.5 page)
3) Background (1.5 page)
4) Research Plan (2 pages)
5) References (will not be included in page limits)
6) Itemized budget and justification (1 page) – can use NIH format, or budget items can be simply listed
7) If the research study involves human subjects, please include the IRB approval letter
8) If the research study involves animals, please include the IACUC approval letter

For consensus statements please include the need and potential use.

Other Information
Winners of this award will be expected to present their result during the annual New York Head and Neck Society Proffered Papers Session, March 2017. Additionally, all manuscripts resulting from work supported by these funds should acknowledge the New York Head and Neck Society.

Application Deadlines
Applications are now open. The deadline for applications will be February 15, 2017. The winner of the award will be announced on March 15th, 2017, at the annual proffered papers meeting.

All applications will be considered confidential, and should be emailed to or

Thank you,

The New York Head and Neck Society