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We are not going to have a March meeting, but details on the April, 2017 meeting are below. We do hope to see everyone at Beneath The Sea. A number of Gypsies will be presenting, and many of the presentations will be imaging related. Here is the list: 

SATURDAY 03/25/17
10:30am - Holiday Inn -Hunterdon
Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey
Return to Cuba

10:30 - Holiday In  - Essex
Michael Rothschild
Underwater Photography In Technical Diving and other Challenging Conditions

Holiday Inn Essex
Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey
Getting started in underwater  Imaging 

Holiday Inn - Essex 
John Ares
Underwater Photographic Creativity:
Selective Color Photographs- shooting - and past  Processing

Holiday Inn-Sussex
Bernie Chowdhury and Dr. David Charash 
Returning to Diving after Injury, Surgery or Illness

Meadowland Expo Center-Ocean Pals Theater (C & D) 
Chris Drew
Adventure & Archaeology: The Mazotos Expedition"

Holiday Inn Sussex
Todd Kelly and Jonathan Bird
Merida: A True Indiana Jones  Scuba adventure in the jungle in Mexico.

SUNDAY 03/26/17
Holiday Inn - Sussex
Larry Cohen and Olga Torrey
The Giant Mantas of Socorro

Holiday In - Warren
Todd Kelly
Rebreather Open Forum
Ask the Experts

Holiday Inn -Sussex
John Ares and Dr. Anita Ares
The Whale sharks of Oslob

Holiday Inn - Bergen
Bernie Chowdhury and Dr. Nasreen Haque  
Diving for Cures

Holiday Inn Bergen
Michael Rothschild
Ear and Nose and Throat and problems in Diving

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For a number of years, the New York Underwater Photographic Society was an independent venue for showcasing it’s members’ underwater images and video. In 2017, the NYUPS was incorporated into the NYC Sea Gypsies as a special interest group. However, the organization continues with the same mission of sharing our work, constructive criticism, and improving our skills by learning from each other and from special invited speakers.

The theme of our April meeting is “Let There be Light!”. The definition of photography is the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface (as film or an optical sensor). Underwater we use strobes, LEDs, or natural light. Sometimes we use a combination of all three.  At the April meeting we want to see examples and hear how you think about light - up to 15 images or a short video. 

All images should be .JPG files, 10” at the largest side and 150 DPI. If you would like to submit videos, please bring them to the meeting as Quicktime files on a flash drive.
In your email, on the subject line please type in caps “UW Imaging: Let There Be Light.” Please email all your images to Mike Rothschild at
The deadline for images is
Thursday, April 13. You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your images. If you don’t, please contact Mike.
Please note that you do not need to submit images to attend the meeting – feel free to just come and enjoy the images, share and learn a little about improving your imaging techniques! We want to stress that our meetings are for photographers of all levels. It doesn't matter what camera you use or how long you've been shooting, UW Imaging Committee wants to share the joys of underwater imaging with everyone interested.
Monday, April 17, 2017
7-9 PM
House of Brews
302 W 51st Street (between 8th and 9th)
(212) 541-7080