Mike's Genealogy Site

For many years, I have been assembling genealogical data in a database, using the superb Reunion software package. I have drawn on a number of sources, including primary documents, the work of other genealogists, and some online historical archives. My mother Naomi, however, was the one who did much of this work over the years, long before the Internet made research so much easier! I have spent many hours poring over her vast collection of information, and putting it into the accessible form of this Web site.

Recently, I have also begun assembling a number of multimedia elements on this site, such as photographs, scans of historical documents, as well as audio and video clips.

Here you can see a working session, in which my mother, my second cousin Peter, my first cousin once removed Lester and I are piecing together the identities of the people in an old photograph from collective memory.

I hope that you will find this Web site entertaining and useful. Please feel free to contact me with any updated or supplementary information.

- Michael Rothschild