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Mike, Peter, Jeff, Lester and Naomi scanning and cataloging images from the Rosen and Antin family albums.

I have been scanning family photographs and other documents at high resolution for some time now (an ongoing project). Also, several relatives have sent me digital images from their own collections.  I have done my best to annotate all of these with as much identification as possible - mainly relying on my mother Naomi, her cousin Lester, and other individuals with firsthand knowledge of the people in the photographs.

After spending a good deal of time organizing them, I now have over 1000 images which can be viewed by clicking here. You can browse they by albums, or you can search the entire database for names or other words using the "search" box at the top of the screen. As you will see, Dave Bloom was quite an avid photographer, and his archives fill up several volumes (still scanning!). Other online albums were built from physical albums created by Lou Rosen, Barbara Rainer, Marcia Silverman and Naomi Rothschild. There are also two wedding albums, and a few other interesting collections.

Given the interrelatedness of everyone, it is sometimes an arbitrary decision whether a particular photo goes into a particular album, so sorry if I offended anyone! I tried to keep the albums down to an appropriate number, so there will be Millers in with the Rothschilds, Harrises in with the Rosens, Levitans in with the Scheinblums, etc... But using the search feature, this shouldn't be much of a problem. Remember when searching that you may need to use a variation on a name or place to get good results (e.g. Dave Bloom is "Dave" not "David" because that is how I remembered people referring to him - another arbitrary decision).

This project is an open ended one. I would love to archive any and all photographs or documents that you have in your own collection, to share them with the family, and to preserve them as high resolution scans. The SmugMug servers are backed up at three data centers nationwide, and I do my own backups as well, so it is a nice way to make sure that these irreplaceable treasures are preserved for future generations. Also, getting the identifying data now (while memory is still fresh) is something that can't wait indefinitely! So feel free to send me any relevant digital images, and of course I would be happy to scan originals myself, if anyone prefers.

Mike Rothschild